• Public service innovators

    Public service innovators

    Andrew Haldenby nominates three people – Theresa May MP, Steve McGuirk and Ali Parsa – who have shaped public life in the fields of police reform, fire prevention and healthcare

  • Uchooze at Doncaster prison

    Uchooze at Doncaster prison

    Ethos meets Andy Peace and finds out how a programme at Doncaster Prison is helping vulnerable children to avoid criminal futures

  • Can city cycling be safe?

    Can city cycling be safe?

    As more commuters get on their bikes, there is a drive for shifts in road use priorities. BBC London transport correspondent Tom Edwards considers the impact of this and safety issues

  • Digital revolution

    Digital revolution

    There is compelling evidence to suggest that any outsourcing decision made over two years ago is already irrelevant given the scale and pace of change, says Serco’s Keith White

  • Profile: Norman Baker MP

    Profile: Norman Baker MP

    Unafraid of asking difficult questions and recently dubbed a ‘rising star’ at 56, Total Politics deputy editor Jessica Bowie profiles Lewes MP Norman Baker

  • The perils of misperception ,

    The perils of misperception

    When discussion turns to subjects like benefit fraud and immigration, public estimation of the facts is rather wide of the mark. Bobby Duffy and Daniel Cameron of Ipsos MORI report